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Shandong Liangshan Shenli Auto Parts Co., Ltd. actively participated in the 85th National Auto Parts Association of Shijiazhuang

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Shandong Liangshan Shenli Auto Parts Co., Ltd. actively participated in the exhibition

The 85th National Auto Parts Association of Shijiazhuang

On April 12-14, 2019, the 85th National Auto Parts Association of Shijiazhuang, hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Auto Parts Sales Co., Ltd., was held in Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Shandong Shenli Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was invited to participate. This year's show, the company showed the company's automotive brake pads, brake shoes, suspension, trailer axle assembly and other products, consolidating the existing customer relationship, exploring a large number of potential customers, laying the ground for the market A solid foundation.


Shijiazhuang 85th National Auto Parts Association Shenli Company Exhibition Team

The National Auto Parts Association of Shijiazhuang originated in 1965. After more than 50 years of development, it has developed into a complete exhibition of complete vehicles, auto parts, auto appliances, auto supplies and modification, auto maintenance equipment, car decoration and maintenance supplies. The national professional exhibition, with the combination of exhibitions, forums, conferences, product promotion and negotiation, provides a professional communication and cooperation platform for the auto parts industry. Each exhibition has more than 2,000 exhibitors and 80,000 professional visitors from all over the country. The lineup is unprecedentedly strong. The market competition situation is also extremely severe. Many emerging brands have quietly emerged. How to gain advantages in the battle of the smoke-filled market is also The problem that Shenli Company is currently thinking about.


The corner of the 85th National Auto Parts Association of Shijiazhuang

Shandong Liangshan Shenli Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, sales and R&D of automobile drum, disc brake lining, brake shoe and brake shoe assembly, suspension assembly and trailer axle assembly. The large-scale well-known auto parts enterprise has participated in many Shijiazhuang National Auto Parts Associations.


Shenli Company's booth at the 85th National Auto Parts Fair in Shijiazhuang

The exhibition products of Shenli Company mainly include: series of drum type and disc type brake linings based on "Shenli 108BHH formula brake pad" and "Shenli C919 formula brake pad"; "10T maintenance-free lightweight axle" (Aluminum alloy wheel hub), "25-ton disc axle", "35-ton heavy-duty axle" represented by the self-developed axle assembly for various trailers; all kinds of trailers represented by single-point suspension Suspension; four types of auto parts series, such as brake shoe assembly matched with major heavy truck groups in China, are the most complete and series of products among all exhibitors, and have received strong interest and wide attention from exhibitors.


Part of the exhibition products of Shenli Company

Among them: "Shenli 108B formula brake pad" and "Shenli C919 formula brake pad" use barite as friction performance modifier, greatly improving the friction coefficient, not only in the normal temperature section of about 100 °C, at 400~500 °C The high temperature section can also generate enough braking force and has a long wear life. The Shenli 108B formula brake pad is the first in China to guarantee 100,000 kilometers. The Shenli C919 formula brake pad promises to cover 150,000 kilometers. 10T The maintenance-free lightweight axle (aluminum alloy wheel hub) products actively respond to the national call for lightweight design, which greatly reduces the weight and improves the performance while ensuring the product's ability to use, and the all-aluminum alloy wheel has a longer service life. The operating cost is saved. The axles and disc axles of the 35-ton heavy-duty trailer increase the load-carrying capacity of the axle, enhance the braking performance of the braking system, ensure the safety of the vehicle during transportation, and reduce the transportation cost. It has the characteristics of large vehicle weight, wide application environment and stable performance.


Part of the exhibition products of Shenli Company

During the three-day (April 12-14) exhibition, Shenli Company's booth attracted a large number of exhibitors, and the staff always communicated with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the products were in the staff. After the wonderful speeches and demonstrations were presented, the professional visitors and exhibitors at the venue had a certain understanding of the products, and expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Shenli. Many customers conducted detailed consultations on the spot and hoped to pass This opportunity for in-depth cooperation.


Divine staff explain to customers

At the same time, we reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers. We also had friendly exchanges with our peers through this exhibition, and made many new friends, learned the latest market of the automotive industry, opened up our horizons, and launched a vision for Shenli. Future development will also bring new opportunities.


Divine staff communicate with customers

"Stability is overwhelming and security comes from divine power." Shenli will continue to adhere to the "innovation, creation, and brand creation" under the strong leadership of the county party committee and county government in the spring breeze of the state's enterprise policy, and take the opportunity of science and technology and quality. Qizhi Road, vigorously improve the quality level of auto parts products, actively promote technical reforms, build a brand of divine power that Chinese people can trust, and fully promote the development of high-end and brand-oriented auto parts industry in Liangshan.